Net Neutrality


So, unless you’ve been on a deserted island the past few years – this is a REALLY BIG issue – Net Neutrality

I am truly bothered and upset by the motivations that people have – and I’m not saying I am above anyone or perfect or selfless – but I do strive to be FAIR.

What’s happening here isn’t about anything other than profit. And it bothers me that profit drives the majority of ambition – I am sure that’s going to be read/seen as a over-simplification. I am sure there are hundreds of thousands or millions that have ambitions not driven by financial gain, but there comes a point when you have a choice to make – a soul driven choice, that part of you that is connected to each and everyone of your fellow human beings – and you should do what is right, not what benefits you or a select few.

The Net is a free and open universe – and if you don’t think its a universe, take a good look at it.

Do the right thing. Do the fair thing. KEEP IT NEUTRAL OPEN AND FREE.




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