W4 R1 I1 T1 E1


A dear friend gave me the Scrabble letters glued to the letter rack (I think that’s the official term for it). I have it on my desk, near the keyboard. Its a not so subtle reminder to do what I’m supposed to do – write.

I like the fact that the letters add up to 8, which in some countries (notably China and Japan) is associated with luck or prosperity. And in numerology, 8 is the number of building, and in some theories, also the number of destruction. Which in a weird way is kind of what sitting down at the keyboard is like at time. We build stories, piecing them together from here and there, fashioning something out of nothing. And at the same time we are breaking down things – ideas, barriers, emotions…

Had a good time at the writer’s group tonight (http://www.rrvwriters.com/) and got to read a snippet of my novel from last year’s NaNoWriMo. Very positive feedback and it was good to hear the words read aloud. Gave me some new perspective on it.

And now… I must write.



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