Oh you silly Muse

It’s what I like to think of as a perfect writing day. Well, it would be perfect except for my current location.

Not the room or the house or the company. It’s not even the weather – which by the way is grey and raining with thunder rolling about. The very elements that are very amenable to my creative mood. I love the drama of a thunderstorm. Legends are born from storms and they’ve always been an inspiration to me…

No, I just would rather been in a climate much more temperate than the one I’m currently in. I’m partial to cooler temps and environments, someplace above the 39th parallel north.

Really hot weather just isn’t for me. Its withering and heavy. My Muse burrows down deep to get away from it. Silly girl, its just warmer than average, come on out! We’ve got stories to tell! But nope, she’s not having any of it.

And I know that Muse is just a word that gets bandied about much to often or used as an excuse – writing is work, don’t let anybody tell you different. But I believe us writer types all harbor a secret little creature that lives somewhere just past one ear that comes out every now and then and sings so softly and sweetly to us and gives us wonderful little gifts to share with the rest of the world.

Mine loves thunderstorms and cool breezes and the smell of pine forests and Autumn. She detests oppressive heat and scorching weather.

And so, even though we are having a decent storm, it still feels stifling. Fall thunderstorms are the best. When the wind picks up and the barometer drops, my imagination and energy kick into high gear. I start to imagine bits and pieces and one thing leads to another and BAM, there I am tip-tap-typing away, feeling creative and alive.

Don’t get me wrong, I am writing today – have actually made a really decent start on a new story.

It’s just – gosh dang it – I want the temp to be cooler and full of electricity!

Ok, enough whining. Back to it, boys and girls.



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