Writing Distressed

So, one of the things that every successful writer will tell you – either in their book on how to become a successful writer or on their blog about how to become a successful writer or in an interview about how to be a successful writer is that you MUST:

Write every day.

You must sit down and write something, anything. Good, bad, indifferent. Just write it. Don’t think about it, don’t analyze it, don’t judge it (they’ll be time for that later) just WRITE.

But how can you write on those days when something has you wound up or upset or hurting?

How do you write on those days? Now, I’m not talking about really difficult times, like a death or something of that ilk; just those days when you’ve had an argument with a loved one, or had a car accident or you’re in emotional turmoil about this, that or the other thing. Writing is hard enough, without the voice inside your head that is telling you you should’ve said this or said that or really given that a-hole a piece of your mind or wondering why she hasn’t called or texted back?

The answer of course, is — just write.

Free your mind and your body will follow – isn’t that the maxim? There’s the writing exercise of just sitting and down and starting to type and eventually something kicks in and you start to write, not just type. So free your body and the mind will follow I guess.

Nothing earth-shattering to reveal in this post I’m afraid. It was just something that I was dealing with earlier in the day.

And look. Another blog post. Because I just started typing…



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