The Social Media Treadmill

So, if you haven’t already noticed I’ve got a small claim to fame, being the mentor to teenagers with attitude and all.

For the longest time I really didn’t talk about it much or reveal it to most people. To be honest it was something that was novel and unique and that I was proud to be a part of, considering what a positive influence the show had on the folks that watched it. I didn’t really understand the breadth of its popularity however. I mean, I saw along with everyone else the explosion of merchandising the show generated – including a number of items with my face on it 🙂


Recently, in the last month or so I’ve been given an opportunity to embrace everything Zordon. I was invited to be a guest a this year’s Power Morphicon, which is a fan convention centered around everything Power Rangers. I was able to attend thanks to their generous ability to fly me out and put me up in a hotel. I attended the con for three days and met many fans of the show and was able to reconnect with a number of the actors, writers and other people I worked with during my brief time on the show.

It was a great experience and one I hope to continue for the foreseeable future. I have been booked for a number of upcoming cons and am looking forward to them.

What does this have to do with writing, you might ask?

I find myself doing a lot more writing about the character and the show these days, and thinking about the responsibility I have to the fans who watched it and still watch it. Part of that requires me to visit and revisit a number of social media outlets a number of times each day – to either post or respond to posts. I don’t spend a lot of time doing this, and on one level feel I’m pretty bad at it – well, not bad really, just unsure how often I need to participate or what to say.

It can take up a fair amount of time. And it is a treadmill, and like any exercise you get better and stronger for having used it. I guess that’s part of the business though, because I also see that is what’s required of authors as well. They do cons and also blog tours and book signings. So I am trying to look at this in that light, that its a way to not only meet and greet fans, but also promote my writing – which in turn has forced me to look really hard at how much and how often I write. I’d like to think that its focused me a bit more, made me consider word choices, lazy sentence crafting etc.

We shall see.

Its also got me working on a new project, appropriately titled the same as this blog 😉 Hopefully I’ll get that finished in time for my Lexington Comic Con appearance 🙂


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