100 Word Days

I really don’t like 100 word days. Cue The Cure, only because the title kinda sounds the same. 😛

You know those days, you’ve probably had them yourself. Those days when you know what needs to be written. It’s all there, in your head. You can see it, touch it, taste it, hear it.

And all you get down is a hundred words of it. I don’t know if its because other things like chores or phone calls or just something shiny distracts you like it does me, or maybe it just a kind of laziness.

Or maybe, and I think that this may apply to me – you secretly  just don’t want to finish it. If you finish it, the story is over. Done. Complete. It becomes something not quite alive anymore. And its not really dead because of course you have to go back and edit or do some rewrites, tweak this or that. But the fun of it, the discovery isn’t there.

Stories are strange little beasties.

They creep in unannounced and quietly make their presence known, like catching a glimpse of your cat across the room staring at you and you think, how long has she been there? Or they jump up at you, again like your cat, demanding a nuzzle, or a snack or just because they are slightly crazy.

Or, maybe I’m just kind of focused on my cat, because… she’s awesome 🙂

Holy crap. I just realized I wrote over a hundred words.

Now this post makes no sense. Ratsenfratsenfedergarb!

*closes blog and opens word doc he should’ve been working on all along in the first place*





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