Stop Being Afraid

Some days you really want to just walk away from the bulk of humanity, to just chuck it all and write the species off as a lost cause.

BeAfraidI’m serious.

Each and every day we are hammered with news and information that is presented in such a fear-mongering manner, that it’s a wonder any of us dares to leave the house.

Now, the article that the link to on the Huff Post’s website is about a court ruling that has some pretty serious implications – but what I object to is the title of the splash page. It’s just one of hundreds of news stories presented in such a dire context that they seem designed to keep us frozen in a perpetual state of terror.

Every single human being on this planet needs to be afraid, to be in a constant state of panic because – you know, everything and everyone is out to get you – to take your stuff, rob you, hurt you, punish you. There’s no hope. We are all doomed.

The only way to stem the tide of fear and terror is to consume. Consume things you don’t need, buy things that have no meaning, spend, spend, spend, rush out to get those Black Friday Deals because if you don’t – they win! The fear wins!

I have all but lost hope in us, I really have.

These days I really, really just want to be Tom Hanks in Cast Away. I want my own island, away from everyone and everything — because we are killing ourselves. In body and soul.

Because we are all losing so much, every day… it keeps slipping through our fingers because of FEAR – these constant reminders of how much we should be afraid of everything. Fear leads to so much hurt and pain and hate and death.

We a re culture and species that feeds on its own selfish destructiveness – each and every one of us is nothing but a commodity – something to be bought and sold.

It’s just too much.

And yet… I hope.

I don’t really believe all the stuff I wrote above. But I had to write it, to put it in black and white. To acknowledge it – because that is he only way to destroy fear. You have to drag it into the light, see it for what it really is.

I find myself getting up each morning, hoping that it will be different, hoping that things might turn for the better.

It doesn’t matter that I’m disappointed every day, or am hammered once again by a headline or statement, a social media post or a friend or acquaintance who passes on news about something terrible happening somewhere to someone.

Because each morning when I wake, I sigh and try to think positive, to put forth something that adds to the increase of wonder about life. To do my part to stem the tide of fear.

I hope.

Is it any wonder we see our main-stream media and entertainment glutted with fantasies about men and women who are much more than we could ever possibly be? Is it any wonder that so many people wish they were some one else? That they could take control, have power, beat back the darkness with their fists and feet and super cool weapons.

Of course, this is just one man’s simplistic view on a very complex subject. I’m no social expert, have no degree in psychology or have any real expertise in matters concerning news or the delivery of it, no real understanding of politics or government.

All I’m really good at is just getting through each day – at making up stories to entertain or maybe illicit a smile or maybe a brief moment of wonder.

I really, really want something fantastic to happen.

For something outside of us to break in through this tsunami of fear and hate and remind us – that we are just a very very very small part of what is happening out here in the universe.

That we are all here for such a very brief time.

Must we live it in fear and hate?

Must we die in fear in hate?

I hope not… I hope.


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